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My name is David Repka. My friends call me Dave. My really good friends call me Big Daddy. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and have lived in Tampa-St.Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida since 1991. I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are of earning money by cutting lawns and washing cars. In high school it seemed that I employed a quarter of our football team over three summers at my landscaping firm. I was fascinated about every aspect of running a business: sales, marketing, management, finance & organization. Earning money was a rush. What I didn’t spend on skiing, girls and cars I invested and subsequently lost in the stock market. I knew there had to be a better way. As a freshman in college I discovered the world of real estate investment and went on to be involved in over one billion dollars of transactions as a real estate advisor, investor, developer or financier. I’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful teachers, mentors and role models over my twenty-six year career. I will not be writing about commercial real estate here. If you want to learn more about my opinions and strategies in commercial real estate visit the Bison Financial Group website. On a personal note… my wife, Tanya, is a real estate broker specializing in luxury and waterfront properties. We met in a real estate continuing education class back in 1994. We live in a sleepy, little Florida beach community without a stop-light. We have three action-packed daughters that keep us busy (and entertained). Our girls have a very active lifestyle… it is crazy all the sports and activities they have done over the years (dance, karate, piano, theater, swim team, soccer, volleyball, track & field, tennis, sailboat racing, basketball & Triathlons). One of our favorite things to do as a family is go skiing. We especially like Utah… if you are ever planning a trip to Utah… I can be a great resource. The family photo here was taken at one of our favorite places, The Canyons in Park City. The purpose of this website is to share positive messages that the world has not come to an end and it is time to stop duckin’ & coverin’. Now is the time to come out of the fetal position and get back to work, invest and most importantly design a life that is worth living. I’ll be sharing lessons learned from the School of Hard Knocks on every aspect of business: sales, marketing, networking, personal branding, fund raising, etc. Because I believe in working hard and playing harder I’ll also discuss non-business topics that interest me including technology, sports, skiing, sailing, fishing, music, hobbies, living in Florida and living life to the fullest. Looking forward to sharing what I have learned as an investor, businessman, husband, father and passionate participant in the game called life.

atlanta seo company atlanta seo companyMy contact info: David D. Repka 735 Arlington Avenue North Suite 110 Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 voice/text: 727-537-0330 E-mail: dave@bisonfinancial.com LinkedIn Profile Join my group “Location Location BASIS” on LinkedIn Facebook Profile Follow me on Twitter @davidrepka Skype: daverepka — Principal: Bison Financial Group Bison website Bison Tales Newsletter Archive Where opportunities meet capital… — Co-Founder: Inter-Capital Group A coast-to-coast strategic alliance of 15 market leading boutique mortgage brokerage / banking firms with $25+ billion in historical transaction volume Inter-Capital Group website Visit Inter-Capital Group Blog Follow Inter-Capital Group on Twitter: @inter_capital — Founder: TheUndeveloper Focused on Renewable Energy / Sustainable Living / Living Green but not Like a Monk TheUndeveloper Blog Follow TheUndeveloper on Twitter: @theundeveloper

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