Can your business create 50+ jobs in Florida if you had access to capital?


What is the biggest limitation to growing your business? Is it access to capital? If it is…. I’m working with a socially conscious investor that will back startups, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations & growth plans for businesses that are creating jobs in Florida (sorry, not interested in any other states or countries at this point). We are looking to allocate capital to experienced entrepreneurs that have the ability to create jobs in the Sunshine State.

The ideal business sells/manufactures/distributes/produces or is a service that folks:

  • Want
  • Need
  • Can’t live without

It should also:

  • Offer unlimited opportunities at entrepreneurial scale not just opportunities for multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations
  • Be logical / repeatable / scalable / cookie-cutterable
  • Have physical / financial / intellectual barriers to entry
  • Be an industry you are proud to tell your mother or your kids about
  • Be managed by an entrepreneur with a spotless reputation for quality, integrity and character
  • Have the ability to create 50+ jobs per year

If we are not already connected on LinkedIn, please send me a connection request  and let’s begin a dialogue.

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2 thoughts on “Can your business create 50+ jobs in Florida if you had access to capital?”

  1. Looking for opportunities that are scalable and “step and repeat” as opposed to unique once in a lifetime opportunities.

    We are hot and heavy with a company that creates 10+ employees per location. They are looking for 100+ locations in Florida. Our capital is the genesis of the creation of 1,000+ high paying jobs in Florida (average is more than $75,000 per employee). This is an annual payroll in excess of $75 million – over 10 years this is three quarters of a billion dollars in economic impact!

    While Congress and POTUS talk and talk – we are putting our capital at risk and people back to work. Are you ready to join me?

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