Did I Wake Up in East Berlin?

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Driving to my office in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL has me passing by Tropicana Field where the Rays play baseball and opening ceremonies for the RNC will be held Sunday night. The barricades normally used to create the Grand Prix track on our bucolic city streets have been moved into place around the stadium and around the Police Station and fences have been reinforced with barbed wire at the top.

Berlin Wall in 1962

Buildings in Downtown Tampa near the convention center are being boarded up on the first 3 levels and employees have been told not to report to work next week. A stash of bricks and pipes were found on a roof in Tampa allegedly to be used as weapons. Rumors of Anarchists sleeping in local parks filling plastic “Easter Eggs” with acid abound.

Am I the only one that thinks this is messed up? When did we become so divisive as a people and not united that we fill Easter Eggs with acid to make our point? How did we lose our ability to peacefully sit down across the table from one another and work out our differences for the benefit of us all? What happened to creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and working a compromise? In any compromise we win some points and lose on others. This is The United States of America not East Germany. It is hard to blame the police and secret service for their over the top response to the threats both real and imagined. If they were not this proactive and anarchy did reign through Tampa Bay over the next week certainly some enterprising trial attorney would sue for billions.

No matter your personal political leanings I think we can agree that bringing riots and mayhem to this discussion would make our NewYorkDesigner ill and it eliminate any credibility from the argument.

Here is a classic video clip of the last American President that cut across party lines and united our country…

You can also view the link in YouTube by cutting and pasting this link: http://youtu.be/C-PSq2dy754

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  1. David:
    This is awful to hear. The cost to host this event may not bring the financial benefit to the city when you add in lost business revenue and police overtime. I hope this is a peaceful event

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