Young Men with Unlimited Capital Seek Compelling Investment Opportunities


By David Repka

In an earlier blog post I mentioned my relationship with a “socially conscious” investor looking to invest equity in companies (and commercial real estate projects) that can get Floridians back to work.  If that post was the view from 50,000 feet let me bring the view down to 10,000 feet so some additional details can be seen. We have been honored to view dozens of business plans and have clarified what our investors like and more importantly, what they don’t like. What we like so far:

    • Medical Practice Management Companies (Dental – Urgent Care – specialty)
    • Medical Office Buildings in close proximity to hospitals
    • Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) / Memory Care Facilities
    • Hotels (2.5 star or better – we would call newer, purpose built Holiday Inn Express / Hilton Garden Inn the base of what we are seeking)
    • Single Tenant Retail Leased to Credit Tenants / Small Retail Centers Leased to Nationally Known Tenants / Retail Shopping Centers that are Old, Tired, Riddled with Vacancies and Need a Refresh
    • Green Businesses focused on Recycling & Sustainable Practices
    • Open to new ideas that are logical, repeatable and scalable

Florida is first… Texas is next!

While the politicians in Washington and on the campaign trail talk and talk about creating jobs, I’m aligned with investors that are actually writing checks. If you have an opportunity to discuss please call me, send me an email or a connection request on LinkedIn. Our investors obviously can’t do every deal, but promise to review your presentation quickly and get you a definitive “yes” or “no” answer rather than a long, drawn out “maybe”.

3 thoughts on “Young Men with Unlimited Capital Seek Compelling Investment Opportunities”

  1. Washington DC has never been the place for jobs to be created and it’s good to read about those who are actually investing in job creation in the private sector. Great article David!

  2. David:

    What kind of returns are you looking for?

    If I develop a project and your company purchase it, then I would want 12% ontop of the project cost.
    So if project is $5,400,000 then i’m paid $648,000.
    Your total cost $6,048,000.
    Question is, how much would you need to make in revenue per year if you had to invest $6,048,000?
    If you were not interested in buying the project, and if you were only merely interested giving me $5,400,000 so I can 100% finance the project, how much would you want as a fee? I propose getting a permanent loan for $6,048,000 and giving you $648,000 plus your original investment $5,400,000 (all within 6 months).

    How many of this kind of investments can you make within a year? Do you have the capacity to do 30+ of these investments per year? ($162 million/year)

    Let’s email and talk about this.


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