Clearwater, Florida Singer/Songwriter Releases Christmas Song Destined to be a Holiday Classic

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My friend, David Cahalan, is a local singer/songwriter. Back in the 1970s Dave toured the world as a back-up singer for The Carpenters and had a successful career as an actor and studio vocalist. When it was time to settle down to raise a family he moved far away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and made a home for his wife and two wonderful daughters in sleepy Clearwater, Florida. Now that his girls are grown and out of the nest he is looking to make a comeback. I wanted to know if you would be willing to help us create a viral marketing miracle this Holiday Season?

In order to spread the word about his new Christmas CD featuring the hit song “Santa’s Last Stop” we created a web page with a simple “sign me up” box. To get more people to sign up and encourage people to share the site Dave cooked up a deal with a local travel agent… get this: anyone that joins his fan list gets a secret code to a FREE 3 day / 2 night cruise to the Bahamas. The only catch is that the guests need to register before December 31st and pay modest tax & port charges of less than $60 per person. Here is the link to our website and video:

I’m honored to share this with my friends because Dave is one of a kind. Back in 1996 he sang Ave Maria at my father’s funeral so well that 14 years later people still talk about it. I’m proud that he asked my oldest daughter to sing backup on two of his three sole albums and two of my three daughters were in his latest music video. We’re looking for a viral miracle to relaunch this wonderful man’s music career this Holiday Season. Please share this with everyone you know!

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