Has the Facebookization of our Nation Destroyed the Relevance of Your Business Website?

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Does your company website really matter?

An interesting article from ZDNet suggests that what you and your company do on free social media platforms (especially Facebook) matters more than your company website that was built at a cost of a few thousand dollars to many millions of dollars depending on the scale of your enterprise. Facebook is the hub that connects all of the interactions on the Internet to a new generation of consumers. In the late 1990s a firm’s web presence was more important than their legacy “bricks and mortar”. In the second decade of the new millennium social media has replaced a company’s website as the focus of dynamic interaction with their customers. Companies will react to the new social media realities or perish.

My personal story is relevant to the discussion. I have been involved in commercial real estate investment, development, brokerage and finance since 1985. I make money only when transactions occur (an investor buys, sells or finances). When Lehman Brothers fell in September 2008 the global capital markets were shattered and transaction volume plunged 85-99% depending on what metrics you analyzed.  I realized that I needed to network with more people and expand my base of influence in order to survive the meltdown. If you would like to learn how I went from 20 social media connections to a vibrant network that connects me to over 14.2 million people  in under three connections follow this link to join the mailing list for my commercial real estate advisory business, Bison Financial Group. I will send you a secret link to my presentation, Building (and Destroying) Your Personal Brand .  I’ve applied these concepts to my personal business and ramped up a pipeline of commercial real estate opportunities starting from scratch to over $326 million in less than two years. Enjoy!

One thought on “Has the Facebookization of our Nation Destroyed the Relevance of Your Business Website?”

  1. Not at all. It’s not a matter of not getting all of the Facebook traffic, it’s understanding what the Facebook traffic really means. Some, perhaps most fans liked your page out of convenience, or even mob psychology. Those interested in your service or looking for your product are generally the more attentive and active, and a smart business will simply provide links back to their site thus guiding traffic. Either way, you are not losing traffic. You are actually gaining traffic that you might otherwise not gotten if not for your facebook fanpage. Use your page’s wall wisely to interact enough to garner the trust and social equity that fans look for before doing business with you. After that, send ’em to your website and sell, sell, sell.

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