Mother Necessity

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If you grew up the the era of only 3 TV channels in the 1970s… you remember ABC’s School House Rock. School House Rock taught me math, science, history & civics better than (just about) any teacher from my youth – I still don’t remember the Preamble to the US Constitution unless I sing it. I wanted to thank good old Mother Necessity for my education of the last two weekends.

I’m very proud to say that I did what most 12 year olds have done countless times… I designed and created my own personal website. In a different economic time I would of hired a website developer to create and launch my new personal website. This time would be different. I wanted to go through the intellectual challenge of selecting a web host (GoDaddy), choosing the software platform (WordPress 3.0.1), creating the look and feel of the site all on my own (thanks to Michael Soriano of Fearless Flyer web design for the great theme).

On this site I will share ideas on a wide range of topics that interest me. One thing I will not be discussing is commercial real estate… if you care about what I have to share about commercial real estate visit the OrlandoDigiart website. Enjoy a little School House Rock:

Mother Necessity

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