My LinkedIn network just passed the population of Cambodia


Move over Cambodia…

Today LinkedIn announced that they have over 85 million members. From time to time I like to click on the “network statistics” tab. This morning I noticed that I have 2,350+ first level connections and in less that 3 degrees of separation I can connect with 14,247,700+ people and growing every day. Stunning to think that in the Fall of 2008 I had less than 20 LinkedIn connections and today if my LinkedIn network if it were a country is now the 69th largest in the world. LinkedIn is a fabulous tool to network with folks that are primarily engaged in networking for business reasons rather than other platforms that encourage people to share stories and pictures of their cats eating cheeseburgers.

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2 thoughts on “My LinkedIn network just passed the population of Cambodia”

  1. David, we have known each other for just short of 20 years. During that time we have become friends, business associates and deal “collaborators” but I have never thought of you as having as many minions to be your own country. I think it is time for you to declare whether you are a running a republic, democracy, or are autocratic with you being the sole dictator. You also need a title, like President, Prime Minister (you could have a Parliament), King, Commander In Chief, Supreme Commander, or any number of other various and sundry titles. For my part, I would like to become your Ambassador to something important with no real responsibility but plenty of guaranteed income. Have your Secretary of State call my Assistant to set up a meeting over a bagel…with lox and cream cheese!

    1. Jerry:
      I would be honored to have you as my Ambassador.
      As to my title… Tom Wolfe coined the phrase “Master of the Universe” in Bonfire of the Vanities (the only novel I have read twice as an adult). I’m kinda partial to that one.
      Looking forward to that bagel.

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