With only two more regular season games on the MLB calendar and the playoff matchups still unclear this is foreshadowing the most exciting postseason in recent memory.

Since I make a living as a “money guy” my mind can’t help be fascinated by the staggering payroll differences * in professional baseball as opposed to other team sports that have embraced a salary cap. The parity created by the salary cap in other sports has leveled the playing field, encouraged competition and keeps fans on the edge of the seats hoping that “this is going to be the year” their team rises above and makes the payoffs. Baseball on the other hand is heavily skewed toward teams with the highest payrolls with the occasional “Cinderella Story”.

This year fans of the underdog will be hoping the San Diego Padres continue their surge and make the playoffs. I’m astonished how competitive they have been this season especially when you see that their highest paid NL rival, the Phillies, pays their players 3.74x more and their highest paid AL rival, the Yankees, pays their players 5.44x more.

I’ll be cheering on my hometown team the Boston-design-company as opposed to my childhood favorite New York Yankees with 2.8x the payroll. Go Rays!

American League: New York Yankees $ 206,333,389 Minnesota Twins $ 97,559,166 Tampa Bay Rays $ 71,923,471 Texas Rangers $ 55,250,544

National League: Philadelphia Phillies $141,928,379 San Francisco Giants $ 98,641,333 Atlanta Braves $ 84,423,666 Cincinnati Reds $ 71,761,542 San Diego Padres $ 37,799,300

* Payroll statistics from USA Today