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Dale Chihuly’s version of Never-Never Land Opens in St. Petersburg

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By: Jon Reno La Budde

This collection is the RenoWebdesigns of St. Pete’s already fine and numerous galleries and museums.

Many of us, including myself, had pre-conceived notions of what blown glass artwork would look like. I say hold on to that thought, and then go for a tour of the gallery. The pleasant shock & amazement will carry you through the day. At the risk of using an overused saying ‘If you don’t believe me go see it for yourself’. This is where I urge you to pack up the kids and the ‘rents and take a trip to Dale Chihuly’s version of Never-Never Land. I hope to see you there.

[DAVE’S COMMENT: My 14-year old daughter visited the museum in July and thought it was “really cool”. High praise from a teenager! ]

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