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11/11/11 Is Nigel Tufnel Day

This Friday is Nov. 11, 2011 (aka 11/11/11). Or, to put it another way, it’s Nigel Tufnel Day.  Enthusiasts of loud (if not necessarily critically acclaimed) music know all about Tufnel. He’s the fictional rocker from the semi-fictional band Spinal Tap who loves to turn his amps up to 11 when he needs that “extra push over the cliff.” What better time […]

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Fall Back(story): Sunday Morning Coming Down

Today is one of my favorite days of the year! The extra hour presses the “reset” button for a life lived at full throttle. Wanted to share one of my favorite “Sunday” songs and the back-story. Kris Kristoffersen wrote this song and tried to give it to Johnny Cash in the studio where Kris was working as a janitor. Cash tossed it […]

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Have a favorite song that tells a story?

The weekend project in my oldest daughter’s 9th grade literature class is to find 10 songs that tell a story (narrative poem)… and then summarize ’em… very cool assignment. Have a favorite song that tells a story? Here are five of mine: 5. Roy Orbison’s cover of “The Comedians” written by Elvis Costello 4. Pearl Jam’s cover of “Last Kiss” […]

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