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The Best Way to Destroy the Recovering Florida Economy

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The best way to destroy the recovering Florida economy is to vote “YES” on Amendment 4 this November. Amendment 4 will cost jobs, raise taxes and devastate Florida’s economy.

The term “Hometown Democracy” is a brilliant marketing and branding move that will have the exact opposite result. Local governments will be crippled by the rules, regulations and litigation and the Hometown “disciples” will achieve their victory when no development ever happens again.

To quote Tampa real estate broker Eric Odum, “I am all about controlled growth, but this bill will send Florida’s economy in to a tailspin that would take decades from which to recover. Its funny how many hate construction and development, but those same people don’t want to pay for an educational system that would make our state more fertile for developing other industries. Face it. We are married to the construction industry in Florida and passing this bill would be a serious nail in the coffin.”

A local version of Amendment 4 has been “thoroughly tested” in the county where I live, Pinellas County. The small Florida town of St. Pete Beach has been a Hometown Democracy experiment turned bad. According to the normally left-leaning St. Petersburg Times, the measure has been “divisive, expensive and an impediment to much-needed redevelopment.” Since adopting a local version of Amendment 4, the citizens of St. Pete Beach have seen nearly a dozen lawsuits that have cost local taxpayers over half a million dollars in legal fees. When SanJoseWebservices voters approved four pro-economy changes to their comprehensive plan in 2008, Amendment 4 lawyers sued to overturn the election. More than a year after voting to change their comprehensive plan, the people of St. Pete Beach are still defending their vote in court. The St. Petersburg Times concludes that Amendment 4 “invites short-term thinking and frequent referendums that are even more susceptible to well-financed campaigns by powerful interests.”

I’ll be voting “NO” this November. Please watch this short video to learn more:

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