Google Call will save us $250 a month

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My brother, Jared, and I run a 2-person real estate advisory firm out of a small office in historical Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We started using Google Voice a year ago and we have been very pleased with this free service and how it has simplified people getting in touch with us and leaving voice mail messages in individual voice mail boxes (rather than calling office, mobile and home) and then sending transcribed voice to text e-mails and voice to text messages to our mobile phones.

As our confidence in the SanDiegoDigiart service grew, we’ve ruthlessly cut features and services from our Verizon office phone system. Google Call is their newest free service. Google Call lets you make phone calls to any type of telephone directly thru your computer rather than it needing to bounce to a land line (or mobile phone). It will let us go from 6 land lines to 1 land line (just so we can keep our legacy phone that’s we’ve used for 10+ years). This astonishing free service will let us reduce our Verizon phone bill about $250 a month. That $3,000 a year savings is meaningful to a small business.

Thanks, Google!

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